2019 Board of Directors

Bonnie Thornton, Managing Director
Eli Cloud, Director of Development
Dan Flick, Director of Logistics
Denise Ford, Artist Market Director
Portia Johnson, Director of Special Events/Retail

Angela Less, Director of Art in the Making
Chuck Mitchell, Director of Graphics
Kelley Morice, Director of Marketing
Lisa Taylor, Director of Festival Food
Don Williams, Director of Finance

Lee Askew III, Director Emeritus
Carol Watkins, Ex Officio of Finance

2019 Steering Committee

Our steering committee is comprised of individuals from both RiverArtsFest, Inc. and the South Main Association, along with former board members of Arts in the Park. While we come from diverse backgrounds, we all share a genuine desire to promote an appreciation of the arts by the citizens of our community.

Annette Askew
Leigh Barker
Lisa Brown
Pryanka Chatterhjee
Eric Cloud
Laura Edwards
Cyndy Grivich
Whitney Hardy
Isabelle Hornsby
Ellen Hornyak
Susie Jabbour

Rene Lee
Terry Lynn
Eric Mayse
Denny McGiven
Debby Mirda
Barry Owen
Debbie Pafford
Michelle Repass
Lynn Russell
Mindy Rice

Mark Sehnert
Peggy Seessel
Mary Sexton
Lisa Taylor
Nathan Tipton
Kim Warnette
Tom Wilson
Zachory Wolfe
Diane Yaich
Stacee Zebb