You live in one of the most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods in Memphis.

Surely your friends are envious of the awesome events that literally occur at your doorstep. And RAF definitely fits that bill. Here's what you need to know about our festival.

Main Street Closure

Main Street will close to traffic from Huling to Georgia based on the following schedule. Several side streets also will be affected (see enclosed map):

  • Thursday Oct 26
    • 3pm • Street closure
    • 5-6pm • Business/resident vehicle access
  • Friday, Oct. 27
    • 5:30am - 9:30am • Business vehicle access
    • 6:30am - 9:30am • Resident vehicle access
    • 9am – 5pm • Festival artist load in (chaos – lots of vehicles on street) 
    • 5pm - 6pm • Business/resident vehicle access
    • 6pm – 10pm • Festival Friday (FREE!), north of GE Patterson open
  • Saturday, Oct. 28
    • 5:30am - 9:30am • Business vehicle access
    • 6:30am - 9:30am • Resident vehicle access
    • 9am – 6pm • Festival open
    • 7pm - 8pm • Business/resident vehicle access
  • Sunday Oct. 29
    • 5:30am - 9:30am • Business vehicle access
    • 6:30am - 9:30am • Resident vehicle access
    • 10am - 6pm • Festival open
    • 6pm – 11pm • Festival load out
    • 11pm • Streets re-open

Resident Access

Unless the festival is actually open, there are no restrictions on walking or biking through the perimeter, or regarding walking your pets through the festival site   When the festival is open, we have restrictions.

On Friday night the only restriction is our “No Pets and Bikes” policy (below) since admission is free.

On Saturday and Sunday, admission is required for entry, so we have enclosed wristbands good for admittance so you don’t have to pay.  PLEASE WEAR THEM during festival operations!

During the first week of October, we will mail to every residence within or adjacent to the festival two wristbands good for access during all festival days — please wear them. If you need more wristbands for people who live with you , please contact and we will get you more. Please do be aware that parking will be difficult during festival days.


When we close the street at 3pm on Thursday, we’ll start the process of loading in the gear for the festival. We hope there will be no cars parked on Main Street when we close the street. If there are, we will do our best to locate their owners on Thursday. If you are accustomed to parking your car overnight on Main Street, then this will be a hassle for a few days. Please make alternate plans from Thursday to Sunday.

Any car remaining on Main Street or the affected areas on side streets at 9am on Friday October 24 will be towed at owner’s expense. The good news is we’ve never had to tow a resident’s vehicle, so we thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.

Buildings Along the Perimeter

CENTRAL STATION TOWERS:  You will be able to access the building’s parking lot on GE Patterson by displaying your RESIDENT VEHICLE parking pass to pass through security at Front St. and GE Patterson.

CENTRAL STATION LOFTS:  Your parking lot access will not be affected, nor will access to your building from the east.  The west entrance will be inside the festival perimeter – wristband required.

MACHINE SHOP CONDOS:  Your garage access will not be affected.  Please be aware that we will be blocking some parking spaces on Nettleton.  Don’t park there after3PM Thursday. 


The trolley buses will be re-routed off Main Street during festival hours. 

Dogs and Bikes

The festival has a no pets and a no bikes policy, but as a resident you are not subject to these. As long as you have your resident wristband, you will be free to bring pets and bikes into the festival perimeter. No one else can. But this is to get from the edge of the perimeter to your home only – please do NOT walk your dog or ride your bike through the festival. Patrons walking pets will be reminded to get their pet home or out of the festival area ASAP. This is the for the safety of all concerned.

View and/or download a map of the festival area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact