Thousands of people delivered right to the front door of your business.

Special offers, special hours, and even new ideas for your business space can bring great results during RAF.

Festival Operations Schedule

  • Thursday Oct. 20
    • 3pm street closure (Main St. from Huling to Georgia)
  • Friday, Oct. 21
    • 9am – 5pm | Festival Open GE Patterson North
    • Load In | 6pm – 11pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 22
    • 9am – 7pm Festival Open All Areas
  • Sunday Oct. 23
    • 9am – 6pm | Festival Open All Areas
    • 11pm (approx.) | Load Out Complete

Employee Access

Your employees have to get to work, and we don’t expect to charge them an admission fee for the privilege. We will mail wristbands to all business during the first week of October that are good for employee access during all festival days.

If you need additional employee wristbands, please contact and we will get you more. Please do alert your employees that parking will be more difficult during festival days.

Vehicle Access

We close the street 3pm on Thursday Oct 22. Vehicles are only permitted on the festival site during the following times, and only with a pass:

  • Thursday October 20, 5pm – 6pm
  • Friday October 21, 7:30am – 8:30am; 11pm – 12am
  • Saturday October 22, 7:30am – 8:30am; 8pm – 9pm
  • Sunday October 23, 7:30am – 8:30am; streets expected to re-open 11pm

Customer Access

Everyone has to pay $5 to get to your business during the festival unless they park and ride the trolley. (All trolley passengers disembarking into the festival site receive free admission.) Let your regulars know in advance about this – they can plan around it, and many of them are likely to want to combine a visit to RAF with a stop by your establishment.


Deliveries will be very difficult during the festival times. RAF will work with FedEx and UPS to make sure they can get to you, and if you have personal deliveries, our perimeter security will rustle up one of our carts to assist you with those. The best place to get this done is at St. Paul and Mulberry, where we can provide a place to park your car while delivering.

We apologize but we cannot allow vehicles onto the event site during event hours.

Sidewalk Displays and Selling

It is not permissible to set up or sell any items or equipment on the sidewalk or to subcontract your sidewalk or street space to a vendor.  (City Ordinance 34-125). MPD will enforce this during the festival, even outside the actual perimeter, as long as the location is within the parameters of the RiverArts Festival street closure (see map).

It is not permissible to set up anything on the street during the festival. 

Please don’t set up a beverage stand on the sidewalk. Instead, set up creative signage to get RAF patrons into your business, and you can sell them all the beer and wine you want inside.

Mulberry Street Parking

There will be no traffic restrictions on Mulberry this year, so if your employees typically park in the rear of your business off Mulberry, they can continue to do so. If employees can enter your business using a rear entrance, they won’t need wristbands.

Likewise, if your customers can enter from a rear entrance, you can avoid the need for them to pay to get inside the festival perimeter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact