Art in the Schools. Our Public School Initiative

State and Local budgets being what they are, the first thing to be cut is usually the Arts. Art in the Schools is a community outreach initiative funded with the money we raise from our annual RiverArts Festival.

Over 1000 students of all ages and different public schools will have the opportunity to work with some of our exceptional artists who generously volunteer their time. Please stop by the Art in the Schools artists’ booths during the festival and thank them for their participation! They are the essential part of making this program a success.

Art in the Schools will feature several of our 2014 Artist Market artists going into 10 Memphis City Schools to work with art teachers and students, showing them how they create their artwork.

2014 Artists (and schools) schedule to come.

Our 2013 Artists were:
Gwen English, Whitehaven High School
Helene Taylor, Levi Elementary
Katey Henriksen, Snowden Elementary School
Obayana Ajanaku, Snowden Middle School
Michael Terra, Rozelle CAPA Elementary School
Jimpsie Ayres, Colonial Middle School
Lisa Tribo, East High School
Tylur French, Overton High School